We believe that our commitment to families is firmly rooted in our proud history. We invite you to read our story and learn more about the experienced professionals who are here to support and guide you in your time of need.

Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home

Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home has had quite a storied history.

It first opened on June 15th, 1929, and operated under "Kinney Furniture and Undertaking," as an independent firm owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. J.H. "Henry" Kinney. The business was a furniture store in addition to providing funeral and ambulance services.

By 1933, the family split the funeral and furniture store. Henry and his family took the funeral business and Henry’s brother took the furniture store. Henry renamed the business “Kinney Funeral Home” and relocated to its present day location — 210 S. Ferguson, Stamford, Texas.

The business soon grew to include more the Kinney family members, Mr. and Mrs. George Kinney, and Mr. and Mrs. Perry Stigler.

Eventually Henry and George turned the funeral home into a father-son partnership. By 1968, the ambulance services were discontinued. Due to failing health, Henry and his wife Sarah sold their part of the company to George and his wife, Doris.

On June 26, 1977, "Kinney Funeral Home" celebrated its 48th Anniversary. This also marked the completion of the remodeling and enlarging of the funeral home to what we know it as today. Unfortunately, George Kinney passed away on June 12, 1977, just two weeks before the 48th Anniversary. George’s wife Doris took over and hired Lenoy E. "Eddie" Underwood to assist with funerals and embalming.

Doris and Eddie operated the funeral home by themselves until 1981, when they hired newly licensed funeral director and embalmer — and Eddie’s son — Rocky Underwood.

In 1982, Doris hired another of Eddie’s sons, Lowell E. "Chico" Underwood, to do daily chores around the funeral home. Doris, Eddie and the "Underwood Boys" worked together for several years.

Rocky eventually left to pursue other endeavors and Eddie retired in 1993. That same year Chico enrolled in Dallas Institute of Funeral Service and graduated the following year.

Doris made the decision to sell the funeral home in 1996, and Chico was named as the Manager and Funeral Director in charge. Doris eventually passed away in 1998 and the Kinney Funeral Home remained corporate owned until 2002, when Chico bought the funeral home.

His goal was to add his father's name, whose health was failing, to the business. Eddie cut the ribbon at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in February 2003 for the newly named, "Kinney-Underwood Funeral Home." Eddie passed away May 30, 2003. Chico's sister, Sandy Smith is also involved in the funeral home, assisting in office duties.

Chico has held on to and practice the same values that founded the funeral home 90 years ago as well as keeping abreast with all of the new technology and merchandise available­.

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